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Costa Rica Destination Wedding

Why Choose a Private Venue for a Costa Rica Destination Wedding

Are you looking to make your wedding day luxurious, unique, and unforgettable? Then why not consider getting married in a private villa or resort in Costa Rica? There are several compelling reasons to choose a private venue for your Costa Rica destination wedding. Read on to find out more!

The Benefits of a Private Venue for Your Costa Rica Destination Wedding

  • A Private Escape: Say “I do” in the privacy of your own exclusive venue, surrounded only by your closest loved ones. Public weddings often come with the risk of being disturbed by strangers, but a private venue guarantees that your special day remains intimate and personal.
  • Simplifying the Planning: Streamlining the wedding planning process is possible by booking a private venue in Costa Rica. With a dedicated team of planners handling all on-site arrangements, from coordinating with vendors to overseeing details, you can enjoy a stress-free experience leading up to your big day.
  • Exclusive and Extraordinary: Make your big day extra special by booking a private venue like Ocean Breeze Nosara. The personalized touch of a private venue can’t be replicated in a typical banquet hall and will ensure that your destination wedding is truly one of a kind.
  • Dedicated Service: When you take over an entire property, the staff is entirely focused on you. From reception to housekeeping, everyone is dedicated to making sure your needs are met, and your day runs smoothly.
  • Convenient and Accessible: With all your guests staying on the same exclusive property, there’s no need to worry about transportation, venues, or timing. Everything is conveniently located, allowing you and your guests to fully enjoy your special day.
  • Customizable and Flexible: When it comes to your special day, you want everything to be perfect, and what is a better way to ensure that than by choosing one of the best resorts in Guanacaste, Costa Rica? With its stunning surroundings and top-notch facilities, these luxurious resorts allow you to tailor your wedding to your exact specifications, from the decor to the food and everything in between.

Experience the Magic of a Wedding in Guanacaste’s Luxury Resorts

An Unforgettable Experience

private wedding nosara costa rica

Make your destination wedding an unforgettable experience for everyone involved by choosing a private venue. A private escape, personalized touch, dedicated service, convenience, and customization are just some of the reasons to consider a private venue for your Costa Rica destination wedding.

A destination wedding is meant to be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.  Enhance the wonder with a bespoke, all-encompassing setting.  A private venue ensures a hint of exclusivity, a touch of class, and a unique locale that will stay in the minds of everyone for years to come.  Create everlasting memories by sequestering your wedding party in a luxury private villa.

An On-Site Honeymoon

One of the many bonuses of a destination wedding is that there’s no need to whisk yourself away for a honeymoon – you’re already there!  You’ll be able to enjoy the exoticism of your wedding site as part of your honeymoon as well.  When you find yourself getting married in a location as welcoming and unique as Nosara, Costa Rica, you won’t want to leave after your special day has finished.  Stay awhile, enjoy yourself, and discover the true meaning of Pura Vida.

Exclusive Luxury

Luxury may be a subjective opinion, but taking over an entire private villa is certainly high on the list.  If you’re looking to indulge yourself and your loved ones, exclusive access to a private property with luxury amenities and a dedicated staff is hard to beat.  Make the most of your special event with a setting that exudes opulence.


Cost-effective yet lavish, hiring a private villa or resort for your wedding in Costa Rica can serve as one of the best wedding venues, offering all amenities on-site and conveniently located, allowing you to save on location expenses without sacrificing luxury.


By choosing a Costa Rica luxury resort for your destination wedding, you can ensure that all your guests have ample space to socialize, relax, and recharge. With everything under one roof, you’ll be able to host multiple families and groups of friends in a private, exclusive venue, free from the hustle and bustle of crowded public spaces.


Terrace for Corporate Retreats Costa Rica

Left to their own devices, you may find your friends and family spread out over a variety of hotels.  By housing the entire clan in a private villa, you’ll keep everyone closes while eliminating the need for get-together planning. At Ocean Breeze Nosara, guests can enjoy a number of our amenities such as our infinity pool, yoga lounge, fitness center, rancho & bar, star deck, and more. Camaraderie will naturally flourish, spending quality time will come easily, and the familial atmosphere will only benefit the mood of your celebration.


The beauty of choosing a private venue for a destination wedding is that once you’ve arrived, there’s nothing else to do but relax and soak up the pre-wedding atmosphere.  You won’t have to worry about running errands, making meals, or cleaning up after yourself – everything will be taken care of.  Use the time leading up to your wedding to comfort yourself among family and friends.

An unforgettable experience awaits you and your loved ones at a private venue for your Costa Rica destination wedding. From the private escape to the dedicated service, convenience, and customization, a private venue is a perfect choice for your dreamy affair. And, with an on-site honeymoon and exclusive luxury, you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime.

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