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destination wedding in costa rica

Planning a Dream Destination Wedding in Costa Rica: An Insight into Budget and Cost

If you’re planning a Costa Rica destination wedding, congratulations on your big day! It’s essential to get everything properly planned, including your budget and costs, so you can fully enjoy your time with family and friends at your dream location. In this post, we’ll share some insights into the cost of a Costa Rica destination wedding, along with other important considerations that you may not have thought about while envisioning your perfect celebration.

Costa Rica Destination Wedding Cost

One of the first things that people want to know when planning their wedding day is the price.  After taking into account the cost of flights to get to this Central American country, you may be under the illusion that you’ll spend far less than you would on a similar ceremony back home.  But the fact is that Costa Rica is the most advanced country in the region with a well-educated population and a relatively high standard of living.  Therefore you shouldn’t fool yourself into thinking that you’ve chosen a bargain-basement wedding destination.  While prices may be somewhat lower than at home, you should plan for your expenditures to be comparable to what you’d pay for a similar level of service in North America or Europe.  You shouldn’t expect your Costa Rica destination wedding costs to be significantly cheaper than what you would pay in your own backyard.

Choice of Vendors and Service Providers

While you may save a bit of money by holding your wedding in a public venue, there’s a significant advantage that you should be aware of when it comes to booking a private Costa Rica wedding venue.  When booking a wedding through a public hotel or banquet hall, quite often you’re limited to using the service providers and vendors affiliated with the establishment.  On the other hand, with a private venue such as Ocean Breeze Nosara, you’re able to choose your own vendors as you see fit.  The on-site staff will still gladly provide you with recommendations if you prefer, but if there are specialized services that you absolutely require for your event, you’re free to work with whomever you want.  You won’t be limited to in-house vendors and service providers at this luxury resort in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Destination Wedding Cost Per Person

Ultimately, every wedding is different – and so are the total costs.  Some couples prefer to keep costs to a minimum by offering a cash bar, using photos taken by guests or utilizing their own MP3 player rather than hiring a full band.  Others wouldn’t dare think of charging people for drinks while opting for top-of-the-line decorations and entertainment.  The choice is yours and yours alone. However, this can dramatically affect the cost per person when booking Costa Rica destination weddings.  As a rule of thumb, you should expect to pay a minimum of $200 per guest.  This should cover the basic costs of meals, banquet facilities and ceremonial necessities.  Of course, there’s no upper limit when it comes to the cost per guest – especially in a luxury resort in Costa Rica.  You can have a massive fireworks display, a live orchestra, an open bar, rare flower arrangements on every table, videography and opulent party favors for all, but you’ll pay significantly more per person.  Your Costa Rica destination wedding cost will ultimately come down to your personal preferences.

Different Levels of Costa Rica Wedding Planning Services

costa rica wedding venues

Another aspect that will significantly affect the total cost of your Costa Rica destination wedding is the level of involvement you’ll require from a wedding planner.  Some people don’t require a wedding planner at all.  Once they have the venue booked, it’s just a matter of ensuring all the other pieces come together.  By keeping up with luxury resort news and current events by signing up to email newsletters and reading websites, it is possible to plan your entire wedding yourself – even from abroad.  However, others may need varying levels of help.  This could be as simple as having someone make some phone calls in Spanish on your behalf, to being as involved as taking care of every aspect of the wedding.  Obviously, full wedding planning and design will cost more than doing it yourself.  But you can also find a middle road that allows you to keep costs down while still being able to enjoy your day of celebration without worrying about whether the flower arrangements will arrive in time.

Reserving Wedding Venues in Nosara

Unless you’re in the profession, it’s highly unlikely that you’re fully experienced with all the nuances of booking Costa Rica wedding venues.  So for the inexperienced, there are quite often unexpected costs.  You should plan for this from the beginning by giving yourself a minimum of a 10% contingency budget to ensure you get everything you need and aren’t left without something that will make or break your wedding.  For example, Ocean Breeze Nosara is about a 2-hour drive from Liberia’s international airport.  While you or some of your guests may decide to rent a car, you might also want to look into a private shuttle service to reduce everyone’s transportation costs.  Booking a private venue in Costa Rica can also streamline much of the planning process.  By keeping all the guests, the ceremony and the festivities on one property, you minimize the risk of complication or disruption.  

Planning Your Dream Destination Wedding In Costa Rica

When you think about it, ultimately, you want your wedding day to be memorable – for you and your guests.  A destination wedding in Costa Rica is an event that will linger in the minds of everyone involved for years to come.  While there are the realities of budget and cost, it’s the memories that you create that are priceless.  Sequestering yourselves and your loved ones in a private villa in the lush jungle of Costa Rica to celebrate an exceptional milestone event is worth far more than money.  In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you worked under a strict budget or shelled out for all the extravagances.  Your destination wedding will be something that lives on in everyone’s mind for the rest of their lives.

Contact us today to learn more about how Ocean Breeze Nosara may be the perfect venue for your destination wedding in Costa Rica. 

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